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Tenant Information

Tenants can search available rental listings for Free. Some unique advantages are that tenants learn who the property owners are, see pictures of the rental, and have a more complete vision of the rental.

Unlike our competitors, we do NOT require the tenant to register with us to find out the Property Information. However, tenants can create a Free renter profile, thus the Property owners can search the renter profile database for potential renters and contact those tenants they are interested in.

In addition, we have created a Waiting List database for the tenants who are still in process. Those tenants can check their status, and receive updates daily. This is an optional service that we have offered, not every tenant can utilize this service. It depends on which county the tenants are located; you can call your Housing Authority in your location, or us to find out if your county is part of this service.

If a tenant has questions, they can go to the FAQ or Section 8 Information Link. If the tenant still has more questions, please feel free to contact us, and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will do their best to answer your questions and concerns. Please give us a 24 hours to respond.

All of these services are Free. Enjoy!

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