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Below are the feedback we have received, feel free to review them. Temporarily we are postponing the comment page due to a loser who keep posting bad/spam wordings everyday. It is sad that this person is doing this to the a non profit organization like ours. We are working on to change the codings in dealing with this loser, so anyone who would like to post their comment will need to get approval first and will not automatically posted We found out where this person from through his IP address that is showing in our fact sheet, and are reporting to the police, just matter of time this loser will be caught.

Alliance Housing


i hope u can put this program out more open for us section8 people it would really help us if there were more advertisemnts for us thanks

ida wilson
Indianapolis, IN.
March 28, 2007


We really appreciate you putting together this site. We have been looking for a "section 8" only advertising agent. The section 8 families appreciate it as well. Thank you for providing this service to both parties. With aloha, Summer

Summer Jennings
Waianae, HI.
April 25, 2007


Very surprised and glad to see a site such as this exists. I grew up privileged and middle class, am raising my two children on a quarter of the poverty level. This is an intense and invaluable education. Some states have passed legislation prohibiting discrimination for source of income, something we need in Iowa. Discrimination against Section-8 housing vouchers abounds. Thank you for creating this site!! .

Lisa Marie Anthony
Iowa City, IA.
May 4, 2007


I think this is great, it was very easy to register and I feel that this will be a wonderful oppurtunity for somone and there family to get a chance to live in nice neighborhoods.

Nicole Robinson
Clinton, MD.
June 30, 2007


I feel this is a great way to find the house or apartment of my choose I am seeking housing in Los Angeles

Cheryl McCoy
Los Angeles, CA.
July 21, 2007


I love the fact that owners can pick you. That gives us more options which is very much needed.

Monika Bryant
Pomona, CA.
November 24, 2007


This site is great for renters and landlords. I hope you can find a way to let more private landlords know this site exist.

Nora Hall
Wendell, NC.
January 6, 2008


I'm very pleased that this site now exsit, It's been extremely useful in obtaining valuable infomation for both Section 8 holders as well as those that are looking for potential renters and etc. Please! keep up the great work! Sincerely, Veronica Mickens

Veronica Mickens
Holly Springs, NC.
January 10, 2008


easiest process for section 8 ever

vonell Hooker
Wake Forest, NC.
January 11, 2008


Property managment would like to palce an ad

Cheryl Juneau
Hooksett, NH.
January 13, 2008


Very easy to set up! Nice job!

Barb Gordon
Lilburn, GA.
January 29, 2008


i lke this website it so easy to find a house or a aptment thanks

felicia fowler
Raleigh, NC.
February 25, 2008


Dear sir, I have already submitted my application for a section 8 tenant and have found a family i feel i can trust in my property. what do i do now? Thanking you in advance. Sincerely yours, Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson
Greenville, NC.
May 23, 2008


well frank thanks for your attention the informatin you laft me is very usefull.

alfredo gomez
Lancaster, CA.
June 12, 2008


Excellent site. Within a few hours of posting my property on the site, I started receiving telephone calls. Thanks you very much. I will definitely have to make a donation.

Sadie Speight
Fort Washington, MD.
November 14, 2008


The site was easy to use. I appreciate a site to post the house

Demetress Graves
Raleigh, NC.
November 30, 2008


I am just curious as to how do the landlords know the area we're searching for? I would like to be registered to cumberland county as well as wake county and it didn't show or tell me how to do so. I'm considering both areas!

MaKesha Melvin
Newton Grove, NC.
December 29, 2008


Easiest site to get property posted! Thank you!

Mona Lawton
Raleigh, NC.
January 11, 2009


i live in ms and am tryine to move back to va to be close to family.

joan ferraro
Ocean Springs, MS.
April 27, 2009


Granted section8 is a blessing to low income families but why are they not allow to obtain decent safe and sanitary housin ?. If a voucher has a value amount and you don't exceed the value why are you not allowed to rent that home? example voucher is for 686.00 home rents for 675.00 very decent, But only allowed to rent a for 535.00 and there is nothing decent in that price range, for a family of three. Rules are not explained clearly,given wrong info when ask. How can we get decent housing when we are section8 applicants.? Please send me oklahoma guidelines if you have a copy. Thank you

peggy poe
Oklahoma City, OK.
May 13, 2009


Very user friendly website!

Jason Daniels
Raleigh, NC.
June 4, 2009


Easy registration; response on listing will determine how usefull listing is.

Max Bachofen
Raleigh, NC.
June 24, 2009

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